Dr. Ishraq Al-Hakimi, the undersecretary of girls sector ,Ministry of Education  inaugurated the third stage of female rural teachers training program .

In launching the program implemented by the training and rehabilitation sector in the Ministry, funded by the Global Partnership for Education program, Dr. Al-Hakimi emphasized the importance of the program in rehabilitating  female rural teachers and improving their educational skills, thus contributing to the advancement of the educational process in rural and remote areas.

The Technical Office of the Ministry of Education organized today in Sana'a through the General Directorate of Information and Communication Systems the fifth training course for the directorates within the framework of the Educational Information Management System (EMIS), the second technical course for information systems for a number of directorates of Sana'a, Hajja,

At the opening of the session, Eng. Jamal Ghailan,  General Director of Information Systems emphasized the importance of this session as it targeted the most important technical apparatus in the education offices in the departments of information and communication systems.

A training workshop for educational media managers and community participation in the targeted governorates of the Global Partnership Program for the production and design of awareness materials on the importance of education has started today in Sana'a.
In the opening of the workshop, which was organized in two days by the Girls Education Sector in partnership with the General Directorate of Educational Media, Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamdi pointed out the importance of activating the educational media departments to carry out their awareness role on the importance of education and its continuation.

The Training Division and qualification Office of Education in Taiz Governorate begins the fourth stage of the qualifying training for former rural female teachers this day, Saturday at Al-Khansa school-funded by the Global Partnership for Education. The program aims to qualified 65 participants in Maqbana and Alwazaieh districts during 18 days in the fourth stage of qualification for giving ways of modern methods of teaching and the ability to draw plans, content analysis, considering individual differences, including its impact on our children which reflected pupils of the primary grades, including works to improve the quality of education.